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Amy took me to see Cloverfield this weekend during our 5th Anniversary extravaganza, further cementing her status as Ultimate Wife. The movie was pretty good, I find myself thinking a lot about it, alternating between picking it apart for its minor flaws and wishing there was more monster in the monster movie.

It was sort of 9/11-meets-Dawson's-Creek, mostly disposable learning-disabled 25-somethings with impossible jobs and apartments, tussling with spider-dogs and wrestling with their feelings. The best part of the movie is Lizzy Caplan, who channels Zooey Deschanel for her portrayal of Marlena. It may be unoriginal but I always say the more Zooey there is out there the better.

I will give J.J. Abrams this: the first fifteen minutes had me flashing back pretty hard. Now that we know what New York looks like in flames in real life I suppose it is going to be much easier for filmmakers to simulate it realistically onscreen.

We need a sequel where we meet the monster's extended network of college friends, all of whom use NokiaTM brand cell phones exclusively.
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