jon rosenberg (diablochicken) wrote,
jon rosenberg

Moby's RFV Musings

So Moby spent a bit of time writing about his Republicans for Voldemort t-shirt. Two interesting things: he is concerned about wearing it and possibly confusing republicans and other ignorant folks, and he does not remember where he got it (he speculates that he got it in a bar, but he actually picked it up at MOCCA Art Fest two or three years ago). I would email him to clarify but it looks as if he's sworn off email. If he looks at the URL on the sleeve someday it might help clear up the mystery for him, one hopes.

Sadly, it seems like Moby is ready to retire his RFV tee. But I refuse to think about that, it is too depressing. Let's remember the good times, shall we?

There. That's all better now.

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